A Little more about one of the stars of Q-Meric....Ulta PQQ!

Posted by Steve on Jan 26th 2017

What is PQQ?

PQQ is a small quinone molecule with important antioxidant effects, promoting the creation of new mitochondria, supporting heart health and cognitive functions. PQQ is designed to help support optimal mitochondrial biogenesis, which is critical for the promotion of healthy aging, optimal energy production, and protection from reactive oxygen species (oxidative stress).

About Ultra PQQ™:

Ultra PQQ features pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a water-soluble, vitamin-like compound, and Rhodiola rosea, a popular adaptogen. PQQ is an enzyme cofactor possessing antioxidative, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective properties that encourage mitochondrial biogenesis. Rhodiola rosea helps support the adrenal glands. Research shows that Rhodiola rosea is a powerful herb for enhancing mitochondrial energy production and helps defend against free radicals in the nervous system as well as the mitochondria.

Benefits of PQQ:

Increased Energy

PQQ is a key regulator of cellular function and is involved in signal transduction process involved in cellular growth, development, differentiation and survival.

Supplementation with PQQ can promote Mitochondrial Biogenesis, the creation of new mitochondria. New mitochondria means more potential energy. This is revolutionary to the cells, especially in the heart and brain, where the highest amount of mitochondria resides.

PQQ helps promote the mitochondria to function properly, which generates over 92% of our bodies energy use for daily functions. Studies in animal models showed that, uses of PQQ alone remarkably improved mitochondrial respiratory ratios in ischemic conditions. (Zhu, B et al. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2006)

A study was conducted in human cells where direct PQQ administration resulted in increased mitochondria production. The authors implicate great promises for PQQ as a therapeutic, “PQQ would appear to have therapeutic potential similar to resveratrol, genistein, hydroxytyrosol, quercetin, or other compounds that can induce mitochondrial biogenesis.” (Chowanadisal, W. et al. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2010)

Nerve Growth Factor

PQQ is one of a kind in cognitive brain health for its connection to nerve growth. A study was conducted in sciatic-nerve-deficit animal model in which PQQ was shown to improve induction of nerve cells. (Nunome, K. et al. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 2008)

Antioxidant for Protection

PQQ is the leader among antioxidants. Since this molecule is extremely potent, PQQ will last longer within the body by protecting cells more efficiently than any other antioxidants. Antioxidants are important factors in the body to protect from damage on the cellular level. Oxidative stress is caused by cumulative damage done by free radicals. The brain is more susceptible to this damage since the antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals have reduced levels in the brain. Studies conducted with primary Parkinson’s patients’ neurons have shown that PQQ significantly reduced oxidation status and had a neuroprotective effect, thus preventing neurons from dying.

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